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The Bonfire Threat Empty The Bonfire Threat

Post  Bethany on Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:15 pm

The Bonfire Threat:

The 5th November is a very dangerous time for Hedgehogs. Before you set them alight, bonfires are a 'Hedgehog Hotel'. They make the ideal shelter for a tired and cold Hedgehog. But when you light your bonfire, you may burn more than one Hedgehog to death.

Solution- There are a few ways you can avoid burning a Hedgehog to death, these are:

-To build your bonfire on the actual night

-To check your bonfire for Hedgehogs

-To move the bonfire before you light it

-To fence the bonfire off. Do this as soon as you build the bonfire otherwise, if you leave it a few Days, then fence it off, when you set it alight you will trap any Hedgehogs in there.

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