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Post  Bethany on Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:16 pm

The Garden Fork Threat:

Many of you people and Gardeners, may have a compost Heap, which is very good for wildlife as many species may nest or live in it, but may I remind you that when you that digging and turning over your compost heap can kill Hedgehogs! I am sure that they don't want a fork through them, and they may even have babies, which means that if you kill the Female, the babies will die from Hunger, as the Male Father will take no part in bringing up his Hoglets. Or you may kill all of them, what ever happens though it will have a devastating effect on the population of Hedgehogs in your area.

Solution- Well if it is at the breeding time of year (around April to September, although Weather change can cause problems) then there may be Hoglets in there, but in Winter there could also be a Hibernating Hedgehog in there too, so the things that you have got to look for is their tracks. Look for Hedgehog poo, like a black slug, also their footprints, any diggings, all of these things can be found on the Hedgehog Tracks Page. this still might be difficult to look for, so you can always not turn you compost heap over at all, but even turning it over with your hands may disturb a Mother Hedgehog, who may kill or leave the nest if this happens. So my best advice would be to steer clear of a nest site. If you do disturb a nest then you should call a Vet or Hedgehog Rescue!

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