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Post  Bethany on Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:54 am

The Strimmer Threat

Intended for cutting long grass, strimmers are a real number one Danger. Hedgehogs love to sleep, nest and Hibernate in long grass and when someone comes along with a Strimmer, instead of running, they curl up into a tight ball which is not use at all as the strimmer just takes of half their Back! As a result the Hedgehog may die a slow and painful death so please think!

Solution- When you go to strim the grass, please check it with a hand or foot, if you find a Hedgehog and its OK, please put it somewhere safe, if it's a mum and babies keep well away and do not disturb, if you have- call a Hedgehog Rescue! - Or the mum may kill or leave the babies!

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