The Cattle Grid Threat

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The Cattle Grid Threat Empty The Cattle Grid Threat

Post  Bethany on Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:57 am

Cattle Grid Threat

Many farmers etc may have cattle grids to prevent their cattle from escaping, and no I am not going to ask for you to do a no cattle Grid campaign, as I am sure we don't want cows eating our grass, even though farmers could use Gates to keep Cattle in. You see, these cattle grids are dangerous as the Hedgehog will become stuck in it, and because it may go far down they can't get out! Sometimes they drown as it fills up with water, which is terrible, but like all problems, there is a solution.

Solution- Place a ramp inside leading them to safety. This can be made out of wood and chicken mesh/wire wrapped safely around it for grip, and then a piece of wood that floats at the bottom in case it floods or already has, this they can hang onto and wait till it goes down. Hedgehogs are good swimmers, but will tire and drown after too long.

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