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Post  Bethany Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:39 am

I was sitting at the computer, typing away at about 5am in the morning, when something made me jump....

I was rather surprised to find a large Hedgehog on the floor in the hall way... And being as I was not looking after any Hedgehogs at the time, I wondered how he'd got there....

All the doors and windows were shut, upon checking.

I asked my mum whether she'd picked one up and brought it in... And she had not. So I am really confused as to how it got in the house... Maybe it crept in when the door was open at some point... Who knows? It was a really healthy Hedgehog, no problems with it at all.... Not even a tick! It might have been one I had looked after, and the nail varnish had come off...

Maybe he wanted another visit Grin


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