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Post  Bethany on Wed May 27, 2009 2:19 am

I attempted to last night watch some Hedgehogs...only, there were some un-welcome visitors who decided to ruin the whole thing.

I have put the cat and dog meat in to the feeding stations, but the cats still like to sniff around outside and try to get it.

They don't get any of the food, but that does not stop them.

There were so many different cats, there are loads here. What's more is they have a little gap under my fence where they get under from next door's garden.

So, I did not see any Hedgehogs last night, perhaps the cats were to blame, but I've saw Hedgehogs before when cat's are about. It just might be that they did not come in to my garden, with such a large area to forage.

My back garden gets very dark at night, and there is not much light available like my last garden. This makes it difficult to see anything. I might have to try the front garden, which it lit up much better. It's smaller but it will have to do.

Also, I think we have Red Foxes in the area too, and a lot more than at the last house. There are fields all around us, and I've already seen evidence of them about. This could be bad news for the Hedgehogs, as we have established the Foxes can kill adult Hedgehogs. I'll have to keep a close eye on that one.

I've made sure that there is a wild area at the bottom of the garden which will be a great area for the Hedgehogs to hide etc. There are plenty of logs down there too. Hopefully it will attract them with it's wide range of insects.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated on this. Hopefully I'll see some more Hedgehogs soon, I just need to find the ideal spot to watch them from.


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