European Hedgehog
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First Aid: Mites

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First Aid: Mites Empty First Aid: Mites

Post  Bethany Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:12 am



White or Brown insects that move around the body and fur.

They can cause Mange! The Hedgehogs fur and spines fall out, which starts on the face. Crusty lumps appear on the skin, as skin flakes. The spines look pussy at the base, and are bent. The Hedgehog may also have bleeding scabs.


-Take the Hedgehog to the Vets. The Vet should give three or four IVOMEC injections. These should be one week apart. The Hedgehog will need 0.02ml per KG body weight.

-Brush off any loose skin with a Tooth brush.

-In mild cases, Tea Tree cream can be used. You can buy this from a Health food shop or Chemist.

From my website:
Hedgehog First Aid

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