European Hedgehog
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Questions about Hibernation

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Questions about Hibernation Empty Questions about Hibernation

Post  Madamzelda Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:27 pm

Hi folks

Can someone give me advice about hibernation please. My hedgehog hasnt been for his dinner for 2 nights now and i'm worried about him. He has only been coming in our garden this year so don't know anything about hibernation.

Could he be hibernating already? if so, how long will he be asleep for / when will he come back?
Should I still keep putting dry food and water out for him in case he wakes up and gets hungry?

Probably silly questions, but I have grown very attached to him. I know he will be ok because he has got very fat. He actually lets me stroke him Smile bless

I will miss him so much over the winter



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Questions about Hibernation Empty Hibernation

Post  Wildliferescuer Tue Oct 27, 2009 4:08 am

Hedgehogs are not hibernating yet as it is too mild. Even when it does go colder, they do wake up & forage for food during milder spells all winter.
Your hog may be using another nest site as they often have several, so I shouldn't worry. As long as he is a good weight he should be fine, & I would keep leaving food & water out for him.

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