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Hedgehogs and cars! Empty Hedgehogs and cars!

Post  Bacara on Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:33 pm

I just thought I would share my little story....
Last night I was driving home from a BBQ at around 10.30pm. Whilst driving I seen a small black object on the road next to the curbside, starting to cross the road...yep you guessed it, one of our little friends......my mind panicked a bit as I had a driver behind me and I slowed right down as I knew, if I didnt then this poor little guy would have been ran over Shocked ...yep I know that my actions may have caused an accident if I broke severly but I had enough time to slow right down and then indicate to the driver behind that I was stopping by putting on my hazards ....I just wanted the little chap to cross without any harm! had I swerved around the hedgehog the driver behind most deffinately, would have ran him over Sad ...so I slowed down and placed my hazards on to warn the driver behind me to slow down too....

At this point the little Hedgehog was shuffling across the road hoping to make it across, safe and sound...when my heart sank.... the driver instead of slowing down desided to overtake me...I felt so sick as at that moment ...I was allowing the hedgehog across to be flattened by this careless driver behind me! .....what felt like an eternity my, eyes glued on this hedgehog ....feeling sick...but the car missed him by a foot .....he didnt even see him on the road! He was soooooo lucky..

I felt so relieved that he made it! ...my actions may have made the driver behind me think ''what is she stopping for!! Evil or Very Mad '' but it also annoys me to think that had just sped off like that without a care ....I'm just so pleased that this little hedgehog manged to get to safety...it may have been another sad case Smile

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