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Post  Bethany on Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:38 am

There are many natural predators to the Hedgehogs.

Badgers are considered a natural predator to Hedgehogs because of their ability to un-role a Hedgehog using their claws. The Badgers may be the Hedgehogs most natural predator, but studeis have shown that Badgers genrally don't go foraging for Hedgehogs. Because the Badger and the Hedgehog forage for similar food, such as the common Earthworm, which is found in the same sort of habitat, they may sometimes come across each other. This is when the Badger is most likely to kill a Hedgehog. The spines and the skin of the Hedgehog are among the only things left after the Badger has finished its meal.

Foxes are considered to take sick, injured or baby Hedgehogs. However, recent research has revealed that some will occasionaly take a healthy adult Hedgehog. It is not yet known how common this is becoming with Foxes, or why they would take a Hedgehog, but some people think it might be because the Fox is hungry- so it goes after Hedgehogs instead. But as said before, it is not yet known for sure. The Foxes have developed a way of getting the Hedgehog- by bitting the hock joint on the Hedgehogs back leg.

But, what ever amount of damage these natural predators do to the Hedgehog population, it is nothing compared to what we as humans do. Educating people who are ill informed about Hedgehogs or are not aware they are endangered will go a long way in helping.


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