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Post  Bethany on Sat Nov 01, 2008 4:03 am

30th of October 2008:

''PEOPLE in Somerset are being urged to keep an eye out for wildlife if making a bonfire for November 5.

As the festivities begin, Somerset Wildlife Trust is asking all bonfire builders to check for hedgehogs, toads and frogs – which may have crawled in unnoticed.

The charity say hedgehog numbers have been in decline recently so there is even more pressure to ensure these creatures – which have been around for 15 million years – stay for future generations to enjoy.

Hedgehog facts · hedgehogs are found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand, but they are not native to Australia or North America, and the hedgehog in New Zealand were introduced · hedgehogs have probably been on Earth for around 15 million years!

Hedgehogs spines are actually hollow hairs. Although the spines are a bit prickly they don't contain any kind of poison. A hedgehog can have up to 7,000 spines · a baby hedgehog will shed his spines before getting his adult spines, rather like humans lose their baby teeth · a hedgehog who is very stressed or sick can also lose his spines.''

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