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First Aid: Fleas

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First Aid: Fleas Empty First Aid: Fleas

Post  Bethany Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:10 am



Brown or Red insects that are small. They can sometimes be seen jumping or walking though the Hedgehog's fur and spines.


-Buy Johnson's Rid Mite™ or a similar product such as a Powder which contains pyrethrums specifically for cage birds. These are available online or from a Pet shop.

-Dust the Hedgehog lightly with the product. It would also be a good to dust the Hedgehogs bedding as well.

-Never use a Cat or Dog Flea Spray/powder! This is poisonous for hedgehogs and will either kill or make them seriously ill!

-Hedgehog fleas are nothing like Cat or Dog fleas, and cannot live on any other animal for long.

From my website:
Hedgehog First Aid

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